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BuildMyTalent (formerly Collabed) is a platform for construction professionals. BuildMyTalent is a social network and job board that fosters professional growth and development, learning and education, collective problem solving, and personal connections.

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Bringing together construction professionals

BuildMyTalent (formerly Collabed) was created by construction industry professionals for construction industry professionals.

Starting in the Covid-19 pandemic, BuildMyTalent started as a LinkedIn group for graduates to connect and participate in webinars/CPD’s. 

As the group grew, the advice, support, and connections shared within it proved invaluable.

A crowdfunding campaign in 2021 launched the first website and an equity crowdfunding campaign in 2022 launched a brand new recruitment platform. Collabed was renamed to BuildMyTalent in April 2023 alongside the new platform.

Now, BuildMyTalent is a community-led organisation for the construction industry that shares and leverages its members’ expertise to put people and jobs together.

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No one likes looking for new jobs.

You have to make life-changing decisions with hardly any information and zero time to spare.

BuildMyTalent’s recruitment platform has been designed for candidates not just companies. Our goal is to make your job  search as easy and stress-free as possible.

When you sign up, you’ll get access to thousands of construction industry jobs from potential employers who are looking for construction professionals just like you.

You can filter by skill set, location, salary as well as Net Zero jobs! To make your job search as effortless as possible.

Get access to the best construction professionals in the industry

When the pressure’s on to find that perfect candidate (or entire team), we know how stressful it can be.

You know what you want, but it’s hard to find qualified talent that fits the job requirements.

With BuildMyTalent you’ll have access to our active job seekers plus over 20,000 qualified construction professionals, in the passive market. 

BuildMyTalent’s recruitment platform also has useful features like screening questions, our own applicant tracking system, and integrations with existing HR and job posting software.

Our ATS allows you to rate, filter, arrange track, and share candidates with other members of your team.

So if you’re feeling the pressure to recruit top-notch employees, why not try the best construction industry-based network in the UK?

Member benefits

Some are architects, others engineers. But all our members seek belonging, support, and connection with a group of their peers.

The platform you can trust, learn from, rely on, and celebrate with.


Access to a digital and highly engaged community who provide helpful advice.

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Get exclusive access for finding your next job or rockstar employee.

Industry News

Gain valuable insights and stay up to date with the latest industry trends and innovations.

Groups & Forums

We offer unique forums and niche groups so you can access the best information and accelerate your growth with critical feedback.

Members consistently call it “the one stop platform”

Highly engaged community

Network growth

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Advertise your job to thousands

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Members consistently call it “the one stop platform”

Highly engaged community

Network growth

Free to join
Advertise your job to thousands

Recruit top talent

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Every member belongs

In a world where inequality and double standards persist, we strive for fairness and equal treatment for all.

As a result, we are extremely passionate about the five main areas of focus in our 20,000+ member network.

  • Helping graduates and students into the industry.
  • Improving the gender balance.
  • Improving the diversity balance.
  • Creating awareness on mental health.
  • Creating awareness on important issues such as Net Zero, sustainability and fire safety.

In order to achieve these goals, we’ve introduced a new champion program with experts from various backgrounds, including graduates, directors, and university lecturers, who will collaborate with organisations to address industry challenges and drive meaningful change.

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