About Us

BuildMyTalent is a social network and job board tailored for white-collar professionals in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.

Our aim is to foster professional growth and development, learning and education, collective problem solving and personal connections within the industry.

Our Story

BuildMyTalent started as a LinkedIn group in 2020. 

Our founder Alex Ramsden graduated in Architectural Technology during the Covid-19 Pandemic and wanted to create a place for graduates in the industry to come together, network and continue to do CPD’s together.

Since then the company has evolved, we created a social network and job board for the community to use. We also bring together resources from across the industry for professionals to access in one central place.

An equity funding round took place in September 2022, raising over £130k. This was used to build the first version of our platform, this is only the first step in our journey so far.

Our Vision

Our long term vision for BuildMyTalent is to help solve the skills shortage within the architecture, engineering and construction industry. 

Even the best recruitment practise will not do this with a diminishing talent pool. So we are building a career platform with multiple solutions to help solve this workforce challenge that our industry is facing.

Below is our vision of a “Career platform” that will be a free resource for all professionals in the industry to use.


We plan to provide comprehensive learning material to help construction professionals develop their skills and to better prepare them for the industry.

Graduate support

We're looking into a support platform for graduate employees to increase the number of placements and ease the pressure on companies.


We plan to host construction industry events, such as fairs, CPD, and networking, to attract top talent and expand your candidate pool.

Mentor Matching

Members will get mentor support for CVs, job listings, networking to help with career advancement and can meet in person once or twice a month.

Pattern Matching

We plan to use pattern matching to accurately match candidates to job opportunities, as well as matching learning courses and mentors to candidates.

Latest technology

We plan to integrate the latest recruitment tech as it's released into our platform to streamline candidate-job matching.

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