Our unique approach to recruitment

Our pro-active candidate sourcing model and professional network based hiring gives you access to new talent pools. 

Our processes save you time and money.

Who we are

BuildMyTalent is a social network/career platform designed by experts in both construction and recruitment specifically for Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals.

Our ethos as a professional network is to grow talent for employers and career opportunities for professionals by offering new ways to connect the right people with the right jobs.

What we do

Increase Candidate Reach

Our immediate and extended professional networks combined with our job specific advertising give you access to potential candidates you will not find on job boards or with agencies.

Reduce Cost

Access to a broader candidate pool will help you reduce agency hires.
Mid campaign metrics will allow you to maximise your campaign effectiveness.
Our p
ricing model gives you agency sourcing strategies at a job board price.

Save Time

Our quality over quantity approach, means less unsuitable candidates.
Our user-friendly recruitment platform allows you to source, screen, and hire with ease.
Our integrations enable automated posting direct from HR systems and job posting software.

Driving diversity

database will has one of the most diverse databases in the architecture, engineering and construction industry.

Growing new sustainable talent

From our origins as a graduate network in 2020, we now serve over 20,000 professionals. Through our network and our champions, we maintain contact with academic institutes and AEC organisations across the industry to sustain our flow of new and diverse talent. The pie charts shows the age breakdown of our database compared to the age breakdown of the AEC industry.

How we do it

Our unique sourcing approach allows us to find candidates not with job boards or recruiters.
We specialise in reaching out to these “passive” candidates that makes up 70% of the market.

Creating a job

Creating a job on our platform is easy to do, watch our video to see how simple it is to do.

Manage your jobs

Our recruitment platform integrates with your existing Applicant Tracking Systems.
Don’t have an ATS? Don’t worry! You can manage your roles within our platform with ease. View applicants, rate and manage them all within the platform.

recruitment Services for a job board price

2 Campaigns

£ 700
  • 2 Job Adverts
  • 2 Advertising Campaigns
  • Market Insights​
  • Advertising Metrics

1 Campaign

£ 400
  • 1 Job Advert
  • 1 Advertising Campaign
  • Market Insights
  • Advertising Metrics

5 Campaigns

£ 1500
  • 5 Job Adverts
  • 5 Advertising Campaigns
  • Market Insights​
  • Advertising Metrics

Looking for over 5 candidates? We will create a bespoke proposal for you

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